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giphyUnedited Paradeigma Excerpt


   I have watched her from afar for the last year. Keeping my distance as I was sworn to do. Never interfering. Never stepping forth from the glamour that disguised my presence.
Until now.
The Lycan’s were too close. The danger too real. The threat to her life…imminent.
I fought the urge for as long as I could, but ultimately, the need to protect overruled my sense of duty and honor. An Enkelit is supposed to feel no emotion. No connection with its charges. We’re simply a means to protect that which Odin created and loves as if they were the seed of his essence.
I cannot explain why the compulsion to protect overpowered every other sense within my being. I only know that I have been drawn to this mortal like none-other. There is something about her that I find unequivocally alluring.
She fascinates me.
Her courage and forthright demeanor are an unlikely characteristic in the women of this age. Demure and naive, she is not. No, this insatiable creature desires adventure, respect and equality among her clansmen. It is these proclivities that have captivated my interest. The more I observe her, the more I find myself quite enamored of her.
But on this day and by theses actions, I have broken my vow, and for that there will be dire consequences.
The all encompassing shame for my actions presently eludes me. I care not that I have broken the one true vow all Enkelit are bound by. All that I seem to care about is the pull that I feel when I am near her. It’s unlike anything I have ever sensed before.
I feel possessive of this beautiful creature I now hold in my arms. Her soft curves cradled against my warriors body stir a primal instinct within me to mate and claim. As with all Enkelit, I’ve bed mortal women before, but I’ve yet to feel the breath of this almost painful yearning to bind myself, heart and soul to another.
And as I watched the life begin to seep from her body…I knew, I could never forgive myself if I didn’t do all within my power to save her. I could see the ethereal glow of our souls as they united as one. Mine offering its healing light to the deathly shadow of hers.
In my haste to save her I have irrevocably bound our souls–for that I shall seek her forgiveness, and hope to stir her affection, as she has unwittingly provoked mine.




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