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Here’s your first glimpse into Desire’s Redemption, the second book in the Desire’s Deception series.

This excerpt is unedited and subject to change. Enjoy!!


Razor sharp talons scrape down my spine, leaving a path of tattered flesh in their wake. Blood rises to the surface, seeping from my pores like fresh rain over smudged glass. The haze threatens to swallow me whole. I struggle to breathe–to wake from this recurring sleepless nightmare I find myself in.
The dull thud of a tap against my vein causes my eyes to flutter, but they’re too heavy to keep open for long.

“Easy now.” A deep voice whispers as something tightens around my arm…tighter and tighter. If I weren’t so numb I would register the pain, but the liquid shoots through my veins and I’m once again…blissfully numb.
The memories shroud themselves in the back of my mind. Ever present, but thank fuck–silent.
“Thank you.” The slur of words echoes throughout the hollow room. I swallow to try and say them again so that maybe my dark angel will know how thankful I am for his help.
Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he came for me. Like an avenging angel he descended into the depths of hell and carried me from the flames of my personal purgatory. His strong arms wrapped me in a blanket of serenity and even though my skin ached at his touch, I welcomed it.
With a sweat covered brow and chills that caused my body to spasm with pain, I crawled into his arms and for the first time in over five years, I released my troubles on the wings of a weary sigh.
“Shhh.” He coos gently. My back stiffens as my muscles are seized with a powerful spasm. I cry out as the pain rises to an intolerable level. A wave of nausea creeps up my throat and floods my mouth with saliva that I struggle to swallow. He adjusts me to where I’m lying on my side just as the vomit spews from my mouth and splatters on the tile floor. I try to open my eyes but they hurt so bad and I eventually just give up and collapse back onto the bed after throwing up again. My stomach rebels against the tsunami of spasms wracking my entire body with hurricane force.
“She needs something.” He calls out to someone else in the room.
“We can’t give her anything else. I warned you. She’s going through withdrawals and it’s not going to be pretty. You can leave if it’s too much.” The other male says with a firm tone.
His hands leave my body and I groan from the loss of his touch.
“I’m not leaving. Just give her what you can to help her and I’ll deal with the rest.”
“Dex, she’s in good hands here. You need to get some rest or I’ll end up treating you next…for exhaustion.”
He sighs. “I promised Cole I’d see this through, and I mean to do just that.”


So, what do you think? Are you excited for Leah’s story?

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