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Many of you have been wondering what I’ve been doing and to be honest, I haven’t been writing a whole lot. But…last weekend I went on a writing retreat and fell back in love with Desire’s Redemption. You might remember that I’ve mentioned this story a time or two…Dex and Leah’s story. It’s no great secret that I’ve struggled with writing this past year. I took some time off and thought the urge to write would overwhelm me like it used to…no such luck.

I guess I’ve reached a happy place in my life both professionally and personally. That’s great for me, but bad for my readers because my writing has been nonexistent for the last year. I’m truly sorry for that because I know many of you have been patiently waiting for several of my books to release. The good news is that I’m writing again. Not at the pace I used to write, but at least I’m getting some keystrokes in as often as possible. And…Desire’s Redemption has really started speaking to me lately. So, here’s an unedited excerpt for all of your loyal patience. Thank you!

Desire's Redemption Cover

Desire’s Redemption


I feel sorry for women that have never had a man fuck them senseless. I mean, it’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything. Or wait…yes, it fucking is. To be fucked, truly fucked, it’s the greatest high ever. It’s like soaring on a silken wave through the sultry depths of orgasmic bliss.
If you’ve never experienced a mind numbing release, then you have my deepest sympathies. Every woman should have a lover that can take them to the ultimate peak of sensual pleasure and then watch them plummet right over the cliffs edge—you forget everything but the moment, and the heightened sense of awakening a good orgasm brings about.
You see, I love fucking. But sex was what got me into the mess I’m in. As much pleasure as it once brought me, I now find myself hopelessly addicted to it’s dark alter ego…Pain. I crave it. Desire it. Need it like it’s my next fix, and this is coming from someone who used for several years.
Nothing gets me off as hard as having his hands wrapped firmly around my throat—Choking the life from me—Giving the power of life and death over to someone else—Someone I thought I could trust.
But trust is a fickle bitch and she screwed me harder than any man ever did. So, you wanted the full story…my story.
Here it is.
My name is Leah London and on this night, I’ll breathe my last breath. Shed my last tear. Experience more pain than I ever desired. Because tonight…he’ll finally kill me.



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