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With the release of my next book, Metanoia, approaching soon I thought what better than to give you a little glimpse of what’s to come. So sit back and enjoy

Text from the Tablets of the Templar Knights:

When the Great War fell upon the Jumalat pantheons, and thus humankind, Oden sought to protect humankind by sending his Enkelit down to Earth with seven powerful Source Stones.

Upon seeing no end to the war insight, Oden tasked his powerful Enkelit with using the stones to erect a barrier between the world of humankind and that of the Enmortals.

After the Great Barrier was erected between the two planes, the Enkelit sought to disperse the stones to the leader of each creation for protection.

Humankind, the Fey, the Lycans, the Vampires, the Warlocks, the Enkelit, and the Jumalat were all charged with sealing their stones away and guarding them at all cost. For it is said that should one entity ever come into possession of all seven stones that the end of times shall rain down upon us.


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