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I sent out my newsletter yesterday with an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from my current WIP. Plus, I announced the rules for the Fanfic contest!

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So, Are you getting my newsletters? If not…. Why???

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Alright, alright you win! I will give you the details:


cuz i love you

Fanfic Contest

In my last newsletter I mentioned I will be doing a monthly contest just for you. Last month I gave you the basics of what is expected. As promised, I have a theme and rules for you as well as a deadline so listen closely.

Theme: Alternate Ending. What do you think should have happened at the end of Metanoia to set up for the beginning of book 3?
Number of words: between 1-2k (No more than 2k words please. It’ll take me a while to read all the entries as it is)
Due Date: All entries are due no later than February 23rd

▪ Top entries will be posted on my blog. With the winning fan fiction entry being included on next month’s newsletter. The Winner however, will also receive an Amazon GC

Entries should be mailed to:



Anyways, my new WIP will be finished this week and heading to the editor. I am hoping to have a cover reveal on 3/10/15, if you have a blog and want to join in..

The link is:

This story is different than my others but I think you will really enjoy it!

I think you deserve a treat so I will give share the excerpt I shared with my newsletter subscribers:


Exclusive Desire’s Deception Excerpt: Unedited and subject to change.

I stride into the common room and take note of every scene playing out
before me. This room was always my favorite. It allows my voyeuristic
tendencies an opportunity to observe my subjects before engaging.

The exceptionally large space is decorated with a multitude of props and
pleasure inducing instruments. The upbeat techno music offers an inspiring
rhythm to which I nonchalantly watch a man pumping in and out of another
man. His thighs bunch as he takes a particularly long stroke before
pounding into the other mans ass. Groans of pleasure/pain rent through the
air as his bound and gagged sub takes what his Dom is giving him, without
complaint or objection.

I continue on, taking notice of a woman strapped to an inversion table
being pleasured by a lithe man as he rolls a pinwheel up her inner thigh
followed swiftly with a feather tickler. Her entire body shudders when he
runs the pinwheel along her spine, and then exchanges the feather tickler
for a crop, which he brings down swiftly on her weeping pussy. She screams
around the ball gag in her mouth and the sound causes my dick to spring to
attention. I pause to watch them, finding myself lured in by the petite
brunettes’ svelte curves.

As I step up beside the man his eyes rise to mine. “May I?” I ask.

There is etiquette in a BDSM club that all members must adhere to. One of
which, is to never impose on a scene without express permission and
understanding between all parties involved.

The man drops to his knees in a submissive pose while extending his hand to
me in supplication. *Ah, a switch. How alluring. *I step over to the woman
to find her eyes staring into mine. She doesn’t break her stare when I take
the man’s hand and gently kiss his knuckles, then move to address her.
“What is your safe word, Pet?” I ask as I unfasten the ball gag and ready
myself for the scene in which I’m about to partake.

“Red for hard limits and yellow for soft, Sir.” Her eyes flash to the floor
as the man slides over, still in his submissive prone position.

I place the ball gag on the small table alongside their other choice of
instruments. They’re pretty amateur for my tastes, but I didn’t come here
tonight to unleash my beast. No, I’ve set my course for a momentary
reprieve from my dark thoughts. And if mild play is what my two willing
submissives desire, then that’s what I shall deliver.

I remove the rest of her bindings and then help her off of the table. Red
lines and fine welts criss cross her entire naked body. They’ve been at
this a while and yet, she appears eager to continue.

I step into her space, gauging whether or not she’s strong enough to accept
my dominance. Slowly…and with great deliberation, I place my fingers
beneath her trembling chin tilting her head back, and exposing her neck for
my mouth to devour. My teeth graze her collarbone and roughly sink into the
tender flesh where her neck joins her shoulder. She gasps, but stands
completely still, accepting my bite as her due diligence for what this
shall preclude.

I refrain from drawing blood and lightly suckle the bite mark while
swirling my tongue around and around to soothe the ache. Her knees shake
and I place my hands on her hips to steady her as I pull away. “I think
you’ll do rather nicely. Don’t you, Pet?”

Her eyes flash to mine before zeroing in on my wet lips. Her pink tongue
slides out and caresses her plump bottom lip and my dick twitches with
anticipation.  I take her chin in hand and slide my thumb along her now
moist lips before pushing it into her mouth. She complies with ardent pulls
of her mouth and tongue, before releasing it with a subtle *pop. *

I grin wickedly. * Yes, I do believe I’ll fuck that sweet mouth. *

I like my submissives with a little backbone. I crave the fire in their
eyes as they struggle to withhold themselves from complete surrender. I get
off on manipulating them. Fucking with their minds…and ultimately
breaking them to my will. That’s my kink. Total domination.

“Follow me.” I command. “Let’s find a room with a little more privacy.”

Like a shepherd leading his flock, they follow in my wake.

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WHEW!  That’s all for today!

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