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Hello everyone!

I have been working nonstop with promoting Kairos and have let my writing time slowly dwindle. Well, that all stops this week as I place my writing back on the priority list, and hit the lap top in every spare minute I can find. Speaking of which, I hit the “Aha!” moment tonight. You know…that moment in every writers novel where it all just clicks into place. My books usually don’t achieve that satisfying thrill until I’m at least 60% into it, but today was absolutely wonderful. I have been researching mythology, and watching more than my fair share of documentaries, and anything else I can get my hands on to add depth to my plot. My main focus for the first half of the book was to answer your questions about Sulwen from Kairos. Plenty of you have been writing me asking the “whys” and “hows” of her back story.

So…que drum roll! Psych, no teasers here you greedy gluts. You’re going to have to wait just like I have to see this story unfold. Believe it or not, I never know how my stories are going to end, and by the time they get back from my Beta Readers, and I’ve had time to rewrite what they thought didn’t work, the book has completely morphed into something else. Something better albeit, but still something entirely different than what it started out as. At least that’s the goal for me anyway.

I’ve promised my editor to have Metanoia ready for the first edit by August and as you can see from my Write Track posts, I still have quite a ways to go. I’m looking to do some damage to that gap in the coming weeks. But, I need your help to do so.

In order for me to focus on writing I need help keeping the word about Kairos alive. Feel free to make teasers of your favorite parts of the book and share the hell out of them. Book trailers are awesome. Make them if you want. Join my street team and help spread the word. The form is on my website I’m only one person and I could use a little help. Just being honest here.

Last but not least. You guys are freaking amazing! I love reading your emails and quirky comments on my posts. Thank you all so much for helping kick start what I hope to be a life changing event for me. You are seriously the best fans EVER!! Love you all.


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