Enmortals Series Glossary of Terms

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Whether you’re new to the series or you’ve been waiting for me to get my ass in gear for several years and write the next book. Some of you may have questions. Like, what the hell is an Enmortal? Well, here’s the glossary of terms that I’ll be adding to my books when I get around to reworking the interior formatting. Let me know if I’ve left something out as I’m often prone to do.

Enmortals: Creations of the Jumalat. Beings of supernatural powers and the ability to live forever, but they can also be killed.

Jumalat: Omniscient beings that stumbled upon our universe during their travels. They fell in love with its beauty and created life to watch over and care for the lands.

Enkelit: In his quest for peace among his brethren, Odin created the Enkelit. These beings were gifted with divinity to watch over humankind. They were given the gift of enmortality, suffering no pain, hunger, or emotion beyond a pure and unwavering love of humankind. They are justice personified

The Stratagei: A group of extremists dedicated to bringing down the Templars and crossing over to the other side. To whom they serve has yet to be discovered.

Narkkari: The Narkkari are blood thirsty vampires that have fed on the blood of humans. They become addicted to the thirst and go mad from it. (Night walkers)

Vampires: Those that live off the blood of their own kind. The females of their kind offer their sustenance and they do not feed from humans or animals. (Day walkers)

Moonwalkers: Walking zombies drained of all blood by a Narkkari to the point of death They are then fed the blood of their master that enthralls them to serve their masters every need.

Templars: Knights of the ancient realm that crossed over when the Great Barrier was erected. Their duty is to protect humankind and maintain the barrier between our world and that of the Enmortals. They also seek the chosen druids to perform the strengthening ritual needed to maintain the barrier.

Lycans: Tall, strong, callous, and merciless warriors that can summon the powers of the beast within and shift forms into that of a werewolf-like creature. They are the creation of Fenrir.

Fey: Deceptive, manipulative, beautiful, and think themselves a superior race of beings. They are Loki’s creation.

Elves: Beautiful, intelligent, graceful and one with nature. They are Freya’s creation.

In the next book, Paradeigma, you’re going to see a lot more of the Warlocks, Mages, Druids, the Fey, the Elves, the Lycans…and many more. This book enters the world of the Enmortals and the paranormal side of the series is much more pronounced.

That’s all I have for now. Please feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to discuss my books or if you have questions that I didn’t answer in here.


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