Desire’s Deception

Cover for Desire's DeceptionLife is a series of chances and regrets. The weak falter, leaving the strong to suffer the wicked and depraved. Cole Stockton was a lion among lambs seeking penance for his dark past, and I was only too eager to escape my own.

It starts with a flicker in the distance. A slow burn that radiates a tireless beckoning. No matter how hard you fight to resist the allure, you succumb. Drawn in like a moth to a flame, only to watch your precious wings scorch and fade to dust.

I had thought there were only two lessons in life needed to survive.

One: Love, with everything you are.

Two: Live, for everything you dream.

But there was a third, and that was perhaps the toughest of all.

“Three.” His warm breath fans across my cheek as his fingers dig into my bare hips. “Fight, with everything you have.” The whip sails through the air and cracks across my sensitive flesh.

And fight I do, with everything I have.

Review Excerpts:

I would recommend this book over Fifty Shades of Grey any day of the week. It will have you clenching for more. Definitely a must read.” -Amazon Reader

HOLY HOTNESS!! This book had my kindle smoking whilst reading it!! I’ve never read anything by this author before, but I understand this is the first BDSM book and wow, she nailed it!! I was captivated with this story from the first page!! 5 stars isn’t enough for this book, I’d give it a 10 star rating! -Amazon Reader